Rock Crystal: Stone of Clairvoyance

Did you know what the famous crystal ball used for scrying the future is made of? This transparent mineral is called rock crystal, otherwise known as clear quartz. Rock crystal is believed to enable a person to see the future. What exactly is clear quartz? What makes clear quartz the stone of clairvoyance?

Clear Quartz Ring
Clear Quartz Ring

Clear Quartz Properties

Rock crystal is quartz in its purest form, transparent and colorless due to the absence of inclusions. The most abundant mineral next to feldspar, quartz occurs in two forms: (1) macrocrystalline, which is usually transparent, and (2) cryptocrystalline, which tends to be opaque or translucent, like chalcedony. Rock crystal belongs to the former, and ranges in clarity from transparent to translucent, with the transparent crystals being properly called clear quartz. The name quartz came from the Slavic Quarz, “hard,” in reference to the mineral’s hardness, pegged at 7 in the Mohs scale.

Raw rock crystals

Rock Crystal History

Rock crystal has quite a long and almost universal history of use. Not only was rock crystal made into sculptures, vases, scarabs, jewelry and even entire tombs, the stone was used in many ancient rituals, particularly the Greek mystery for Demeter, to start the fire by placing the crystal over a sunlit kindling.

Yet the manmade object for which rock crystal is most famous for is the scrying ball. From ancient Japan to Europe, clear quartz is cut into crystal balls. The use of scrying balls is traced back to the Druids of Europe, though the practice may have originated from Persia. Rock crystal is used in divination, even amongst Native American tribes, on account that the gemstone is believed to enable a human being to see the future.

Pisces Charm Necklace: Clear Quartz Pendant

Clear Quartz Meaning

The metaphysical property attached most to the rock crystal is its ability to stimulate clairvoyance. Whether as crystal ball, point or pendulum, clear quartz is believed to enable fortune-telling, and accordingly used in divination on a wide scale. This power for clairvoyance is due no less to the rock crystal’s ability to amplify magic. In the same way that clear quartz aggregates sunlight to start a fire, the stone is believed to strengthen the power of magical instruments, even more so the psychic ability of a magic user.

Rock crystal is a traditional birthstone for Pisces. Pisces are emotional yet open folk who are naturally drawn to the spiritual and paranormal. The rock crystal’s power to enhance clairvoyance is in direct supplement to the Pisces nature. Clear quartz strengthens the psychic prowess characteristic of the Pisces zodiac sign.

Clear Quartz Earrings

Rock Crystal Jewelry

Clear quartz is the gemstone for transparent, colorless jewelry. Rock crystal represents the clear color (or colorless) among gemstones, and is an affordable alternative to white diamond and clear sapphire. In fact, clear quartz was made an alternate birthstone for April in Britain, in consonance with the color of the main April birthstone, diamond.

A variety of clear quartz discovered in Herkimer City, New York is double-terminated, and displays more brilliance than the common rock crystal, earning it the name Herkimer diamond. Herkimer quartz is the most suitable gemstone to be cut as pendant for fine necklaces, rings or earrings; the rest of natural rock crystals is widely cut into beads and worn as beaded necklaces and bracelets.

A double-terminated quartz, also known as Herkimer diamond
Source: Didier Descouens via Wikimedia Commons

Clear Quartz Value

Being abundant in Nature, clear quartz is a rather inexpensive gemstone. However, due to the rarity and higher quality of double-terminated quartz, Herkimer diamond fetches a much higher price. When it comes to fashion jewelry, the value of rock crystal rests for a greater part on the craftsmanship of the jeweler, as is true with other semi-precious stones. A beautiful design raises the price of clear quartz made into beaded necklace or bracelet.

Clear Quartz Necklace

Do you like clear quartz?

Rock crystal is pure quartz, clear and colorless. Clear quartz is believed to stimulate clairvoyance, and has been used since antiquity across nations to divine the future. Do you like rock crystal? Do you like wearing clear gemstones in general? See also 25 Types of Clear Gemstones in Jewelry.

Clear Quartz Earrings
Published May 22, 2014

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