Red Jasper: Stone of Perseverance

At one time all jasper stones were described to be red, and red jasper was among the most cherished of gemstones. This red jasper stone remains popular in jewelry to this day. Exactly what is red jasper? And what metaphysical properties are attached to the red jasper gemstone that makes this variety of chalcedony so famous then and now?

Red Jasper Necklace

Red Jasper Properties

Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz. While occurring in almost all colors, jasper is commonly red, which is caused by the inclusion of iron in the silica-rich rock. A red jasper stone may be plain and consistently red, but may also have bands and interesting patterns. A red jasper rock breaks with smooth surface, and can be polished to an exquisite shine. The hardness of jasper is pegged at 6.5 to 7 in the Moh’s Scale.

A red jasper pebble
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Red Jasper History

Red jasper is among the oldest known gemstones. Odem, the first gemstone in the breastplate of the high priest, Aaron, in the Bible has been suggested to be a red jasper stone. Red jasper was also held in high esteem amongst the inhabitants of ancient Babylon and Egypt, where a red jasper rock was made into protective amulets.

Red being the usual color of jasper, jasper was widely thought to be exclusively red gemstones in ancient times, and is still described as red in modern dictionaries, including the Encarta dictionary.

Red Jasper Necklace

Red Jasper Meaning

Red jasper is held, especially in ancient times, to be a stone of perseverance. The red jasper stone is believed to maintain a person’s passion for his endeavor, and keep his drive through to the end. It is for this reason that the red jasper gemstone was specifically designated as birthstone for Aries.

Aries Charm Necklace: Red Jasper Pendant

Aries people are known to start with a bang, but whose energy dwindles as their undertaking draws on. A red jasper rock complements the dynamic Aries personality by sustaining their drive and energy all the way through. Indeed, red jasper is famed of old for reinforcing one’s enthusiasm, and is worn to help a person persevere.

Red Jasper Bracelet

Red Jasper Jewelry

Red jasper remains a popular choice of gemstone for jewelry. An exceptionally fine red jasper stone, which may have almost crystal-like translucence, is incorporated into fine jewelry, including rings and brooches. What with the sufficient supply of red jasper rock in the world, red jasper is mostly made into fashion jewelry. The red jasper gemstone is cut into beads, and strung together to make bracelets, necklaces, and even anklets.

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Red Jasper Value

From a favorite gem in ancient times, red jasper has now been categorized as a semi-precious stone, usually worn in beaded necklaces and bracelets. As in most fashion jewelry, the design is of paramount consideration. Hence, a piece of red jasper jewelry can be very valuable if the design is skillful enough to show off the beauty of the red jasper gemstone, which, given the quality and color of this variety of jasper, should be easy enough to do.

Of course, there are many people who value the red jasper stone for its metaphysical properties, and hence would not mind paying a high price just so they can lay their hands on a piece of red jasper jewelry.

Red Jasper Necklace

Do you like red jasper?

Like other red gemstones, red jasper makes an exquisite choice of jewelry to keep in the wardrobe, and is affordable enough to have in plenty. In addition, the red jasper stone is imbued with reinforcing metaphysical properties that earned the gemstone deep love from people of antiquity. Do you like red jasper? Do you like red gemstones in general? See also 20 Types of Red Gemstones in Jewelry.

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Published December 19, 2013

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