Green Aventurine: Stone of Luck

Of the lucky gems, there is one stone that many gamblers take to the gaming house to win them their bet. This gemstone is green aventurine. Exactly what is this green aventurine stone? What makes this gemstone the stone of luck?

Green Aventurine Bracelet on Hand
Green Aventurine Bracelet

Green Aventurine Properties

Aventurine is a translucent variety of chalcedony characterized by platy mineral inclusions, which give the quartz mineral a shimmering effect. This brilliance is eponymously called aventurescence. While available in other colors, aventurine occurs mostly in green, usually due to the inclusion of fuchsite.

As a matter of fact, the name aventurine used to be applied solely to green aventurine, which ranges in shade from light green through bright green to dark green and blue-green, all of which are sourced mostly from India. Raw aventurine usually forms as a rock, especially when heavily included with other minerals.

A rough green aventurine rock
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Green Aventurine Meaning

The name aventurine came from the Italian avventurino, meaning “chance,” in reference to the accidental discovery in the 18th century of a similar material, otherwise known as goldstone. The name of the gemstone later extended to its meaning. Green aventurine is called the gambler’s stone, kept as a charm of good luck, especially in gaming and competitions. This use of a green aventurine stone rests on the belief that the gemstone draws favorable opportunities in general — be it in creative pursuits, adventures, or matters of love — while chasing away negativity, thereby building positive, propitious attitude.

The green aventurine gemstone likewise possesses the healing properties attributed to green stones. Like the green of Nature, a green aventurine crystal is believed to calm the spirit and bring inner peace.

Green Aventurine Necklace

Aventurine as Birthstone

Aventurine is assigned as birthstone to two zodiac signs.

Cancer Birthstone

Aventurine is a Cancer birthstone according to writer D. J. Conway. Green is Cancer’s color, making aventurine a fitting birthstone for Cancer. Aventurine is believed to chase away anxiety and fear, and indeed makes quite a helpful talisman for the Cancer-born, who is sensitive and impressionable.

Cancer Charm Bracelet: Green Aventurine Pendant

Taurus Birthstone

Aventurine is a birthstone for Taurus, on account that the gemstone is associated with the sign’s ruling planet, Venus. A green aventurine stone makes a perfect good luck charm for Taurus people, who are disposed to accumulate wealth and fortune. At the same time that the gemstone brings good opportunities, a green aventurine crystal relieves the stresses of the hard-working Taurus person, balancing his energy and nurturing his emotional health.

Taurus Charm Necklace: Aventurine Pendant

Libra Birthstone

Another zodiac sign ruled by Venus is Libra. This makes aventurine a planetary birthstone for Libra as well. Believed to relieve anxiety and fear, aventurine is a perfect gemstone for the Libra, who may experience anxiety from always seeing the other side of the scale.

Libra Charm Bracelet

Green Aventurine Jewelry

Fine crystals of green aventurine are fashioned into cabochons and set as pendant in rings, earrings and necklaces. Most, however, are cut into beads and made into beaded necklaces and bracelets. The green aventurine gemstone is ideal for jewellery on account of its hardness, which is pegged at 7 on the Mohs Scale.

Green Aventurine Necklace

Green Aventurine Value

Green aventurine is a relatively inexpensive gemstone. A fine green aventurine stone naturally fetch a higher price, while excellent craftsmanship always increases the value of beaded jewelry made from green aventurine.

Men’s Green Aventurine Choker

Do you like green aventurine?

Green aventurine is a shimmering variety of green chalcedony. A green aventurine crystal is believed to draw in good opportunities, making the gemstone the stone of luck. Do you like green aventurine? Do you like green gemstones in general? See also 51 Types of Green Gemstones for Jewelry.

Green Aventurine Ring
Published May 16, 2014

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