5 Choices of Aries Birthstone

Aries are energetic and proactive folk, and birthstones for Aries have been identified for centuries. These Aries birthstones act as charm or lucky stone for Aries, mainly to support the person’s dynamic and vigorous nature, as well as stabilize the bountiful energy of the Aries-born person. Do you know the different Aries gemstones? Here is a list of gemstones identified by astrologers to be Aries stones.

Aries Charm Necklace: Red Jasper Pendant and Green Jasper Beads

Aries Birthstones

  • Main: Bloodstone
  • Alternate: Diamond
  • Hindu: Red jasper
  • Planetary: Jasper
  • Talismanic: Topaz


Besides being identified as astrological birthstone for Aries, bloodstone is also the traditional birthstone for the month of March in the old Arabic, Hebrew, Polish and Roman calendar, as well as in the Ayurvedic or ancient Indian calendar. The Aries birthstone, also known as heliotrope, is a green variety of chalcedony that is speckled with red spots, usually red jasper. The red spots in the Aries stone resemble blood, hence the name bloodstone.

A piece of bloodstone or heliotrope
Source: Ra’ike via Wikimedia Commons

Bloodstone was believed to increase physical strength, as well as enhance courage. Accordingly warriors and athletes alike carried the Aries gemstone with them. The lucky stone for Aries is indeed very representative of Aries people, who are disposed to action and dynamic endeavors. See also Bloodstone: Stone of Freedom.

A raw crystal of white diamond
Source: Helgi via Wikimedia Commons


Besides being identified as Aries birthstone, diamond is also the traditional birthstone for the month of April in the Polish and the Ayurvedic or ancient Indian calendar, and remains the April birthstone in the contemporary Hindu calendar, as well as in modern Western gemology. The hardest mineral on earth, this Aries stone is clear in its purest form, though varieties in other colors also exist, including red, yellow, green and black.

Diamond was thought to bring victory in war, and was worn in vests by royalty to keep themselves safe in battle. Have you noticed that Aries stones are heavily associated with wars and battles? The zodiac sign Aries is of an aggressive nature, and is ruled by the planet Mars and the god of the same name, called Aries in Greek, whom the warriors of antiquity worshipped for victory in warfare. Aries gemstones, including diamond, are also believed to bring good luck outside of war. See —

Green Picture Jasper Necklace


Besides being mentioned as birthstone for Aries in Hindu astrology, jasper is also the planetary stone for Aries, being the gemstone associated with Mars, the ruling planet of the zodiac sign. This Aries birthstone, like bloodstone, is a variety of chalcedony, and the two stones are often confused with each other. Jasper occurs in a variety of colors, including red, green, yellow, black and white. The Aries stone is believed to balance positive and negative energy, helping to stabilize the often restless and naturally impulsive Aries temperament.

Red Jasper Necklace

Red Jasper

Red jasper is specifically identified in Hindu astrology as Aries birthstone. Red is the lucky color of Aries, and red was in fact the color in which jasper was commonly thought to occur. The red Aries stone is also found sprinkled in the main astrological stone for Aries, bloodstone. Red jasper is believed to inspire perseverance to its wearer. Thus, the Aries gemstone helps to prolong the energy of Aries people, which is usually at its highest in the beginning. See also Red Jasper: Stone of Perseverance.

A yellow topaz specimen
Source: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0


Topaz is the talismanic gemstone for Aries. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewelry thought to give its wearer magical powers. Aries talisman is engraved on topaz, which in the Middle Ages used to apply to any yellow stones, though the Aries birthstone also occurs in red and orange. This Aries stone is believed to increase physical strength, improve eyesight, and protect its wearer from injury.

Aries Charm Bracelet: Green Jasper Pendant and Red Jasper Beads

Truest Aries Birthstones

In an extensive research, I discovered 4 Aries gemstones that are not listed on this page. One is the true Aries birthstone from the Bible, and 3 are red gems assigned to Aries’ ruling planet by the ancients.

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Published October 22, 2013