4 Choices of April Birthstone

What is the birthstone for April? In fact the question is more accurately asked, what are the birthstones for April? There are in total four birthstones of April, the fourth month of the year. What are these different April birthstones? Here we explore the 4 types of April birthstone.

Diamonds set on a ring
Source: TQ Diamonds via Wikimedia Commons

April Birthstones

  • Modern: Diamond
  • Alternate-Britain: Clear Quartz
  • Traditional: Diamond & Sapphire
  • Tibetan: Opal


She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow; this stone,
Emblem of innocence, is known.

— Gregorian birthstone poem

Arguably the most popular gemstone on earth, diamond is the modern birthstone for April, both in the United States and in Britain, as well as in India. The gemstone was likewise traditionally recognized as the April birthstone, and was in fact designated as the birthstone of April in the old Polish and ancient Hindu (Ayurvedic) calendar. Before the gemstone landed on these calendars as the gemstone for April, diamond was a zodiac stone for Aries, which falls partly on the month of April.

Diamond is the hardest gemstone on earth, and remains one of the most expensive. Its reliably high value keeps this stone of April in the modern list of precious stones. While occurring in a variety of colors, the April gemstone is most popular as the clear, bright white diamond. The April stone is believed to bring good luck, protecting its wearer from misfortune. See —

A magnificent blue sapphire ring
Source: Stanislav Doronenko via Wikimedia Commons


Besides diamond, sapphire is the traditional birthstone for April. The gemstone was the April birthstone in the old Roman, Italian, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic calendar. Before sapphire became the birthstone of April in these ancient calendars, the gemstone was the main zodiac stone for Taurus, which falls partly on the month of April.

This April gemstone is a precious variety of corundum, which when red is called ruby. While occurring in a variety of colors — ranging from pink, orange, yellow, white to black — sapphire is most popular in its blue color, which makes the name sapphire synonymous to a brilliant blue. The April stone is believed to bring inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Clear Quartz Ring

Clear Quartz

Beside diamond, clear quartz, also known as rock crystal, has also been designated in Britain to a birthstone for April. The rationale seems rather simple: Rock crystal is clear as diamond is clear. Indeed, clear quartz provides a less expensive alternative for an April birthstone to diamond. This new April stone is the colorless variety of quartz, which when yellow is called citrine, and when violet amethyst. The April gemstone is believed to bring happiness. See also Rock Crystal: Stone of Clairvoyance.

A blue opal set on a ring


Opal is the birthstone for April in the old Tibetan calendar. This April birthstone occurs in a variety of colors, and is popular for its multi-colored fire that shines against a certain body tone, which ranges from white, blue, to black, black being the most expensive of the precious opal. The Romans held this birthstone of April to be a symbol of hope and purity.

April Birthstone Color

What color is April birthstone? Given the modern birthstone for April, especially with the alternative April gemstone in Britain, the birthstone color for April seems rather obvious. Clear, or colorless, is the April birthstone color. Diamond, the modern as well as traditional birthstone of April, is most popularly clear. Rock crystal, the alternative modern gemstone for April in Britain, is also clear. Likewise, sapphire, a widely accepted traditional stone for April, can also be colorless. Of course, these birthstones for April are described to be white — white diamond, white quartz and white sapphire; but the color is technically clear, colorless, allowing the vision to pass through the gemstone itself, which lacks a definite hue. Indeed, April birth color is most popularly regarded to be clear or colorless.

What about opal? Opal is the April gemstone in the old Tibetan calendar. Taking opal into consideration in determining the April stone color gives way to more questions than answers. Opal is a multi-colored gemstone. Being the main birthstone for October, opal made the October color multi-color.

Mysterious Discovery

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Published November 17, 2013