7 Choices of Virgo Birthstone

Virgo people are analytical and organized, and birthstones for Virgo have been identified of old. These Virgo birthstones act as charm or lucky stone for Virgo, mostly to complement the earthy Virgo nature with emotional and spiritual strength. Do you know the different lucky stones for Virgo? Here is a list of Virgo gemstones.

Virgo Birthstones

  • Main: Carnelian
  • Alternate: Jade, Jasper, Moss agate & Blue sapphire
  • Planetary: Citrine
  • Talismanic: Zircon

Sard / Carnelian

Sard is the original birthstone for Virgo. This Virgo birthstone is the brownish red variety of chalcedony, and reproduces the earthy color of the zodiac sign.

Sard is believed to sharpen the wits of its wearer, and render him chaste and humble. These metaphysical properties are rather representative of Virgo, who is analytical, cautious and realistic in nature.

More important to the Virgo-born is sard’s ability to render him fearless and accordingly victorious. Capable of dispelling negative thoughts, this Virgo gemstone is especially said to bring happiness, and make its wearer lovable. By bestowing courage and optimism, sard makes quite a helpful charm for Virgo, whose changeable nature and consummate sense of reality makes him prone to nervousness and pessimism.

A lighter, orangey variety of this Virgo gemstone is called carnelian. It’s not always easy to tell carnelian from sard; hence the names carnelian and sard have become interchangeable. Carnelian went on to become the traditional birthstone for Virgo to the Hebrews, Romans and Italians. See also —


Commonly thought to be green stones, jade consists of two chemically unrelated minerals: jadeite and nephrite. Green jadeite is among the most expensive of gemstones, while the green variety of the other Virgo stone is thought inferior in quality, though yellow and white nephrite fetch relatively higher prices. Virgo birthstone of either type of jade symbolizes love and virtue. The Virgo gemstone is also believed to enhance body strength, keeping the often physically active Virgo going, as well as extend longevity. See also Jade: Stone of Fortune.


Jasper is a birthstone for Virgo that the zodiac sign shares with Aries, though the main birthstone for the latter is identified to be jasper’s close cousin, bloodstone, which is a green variety of chalcedony speckled with red jasper. This Virgo stone is an opaque chalcedony occurring in many colors, including green, yellow, white and black. The Virgo birthstone is believed to balance negative and positive energy, helping to stabilize its wearer spiritually, while a specific variety of the Virgo gemstone called poppy jasper is thought to bring joy.

Moss Agate

While also assigned to Aquarius, moss agate is another Virgo birthstone. Due to the lack of actual banding, this Virgo gemstone is not strictly an agate, but a variety of white chalcedony with green moss-like inclusions, hence the name moss agate. The Virgo stone is believed to bring calm and focus, and is indeed helpful to Virgo people, whose mutable sign makes them apt to be nervous, and liable to find themselves lost in details. See also Moss Agate: Stone of Friendship.

Sapphire, the zodiac stone for Taurus
Source: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0

Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is the birthstone for August in the Ayurvedic or ancient Indian calendar, as well as the modern birthstone for September in the Western calendar. This gemstone for Virgo is a variety of corundum, the second hardest mineral, which occurs in various colors, including red, with which the mineral is called ruby. Sapphire that is the birthstone for Virgo is specifically identified as the blue sapphire. This Virgo birthstone is believed to fight depression, and bring inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

A richly colored citrine wrapped around large quartz crystals and danburite
Source: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0


Citrine is the planetary stone of Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, and is on that account a lucky stone for Virgo. The extremely rare Virgo birthstone is the transparent yellow variety of quartz. The gemstone for Virgo is believed to improve personal clarity in the often mentally active Virgo person, and stamp out tendencies for self-destruction.

A greenish yellow zircon
Source: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0


Zircon is the talismanic stone for Virgo. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewelry believed to bestow its wearer magical powers. Virgo talisman is engraved on zircon. This Virgo birthstone is a transparent gemstone closely resembling diamond and occurring in various colors, including blue, red, green, yellow and black. The Virgo stone is believed to bring peace of mind and prosperity.

More Virgo Birthstones

In an extensive research, I discovered 4 Virgo gemstones that are not listed on this page. Two of them were assigned to Virgo’s ruling planet.

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Published October 24, 2013