9 Choices of Scorpio Birthstone

Scorpio is the most emotional of zodiac signs, and birthstones for Scorpio have been identified since antiquity. These Scorpio birthstones act as charm or lucky stone for Scorpio, particularly to absorb negative energy and bring joyfulness to the Scorpio person. Do you know the different gemstones for Scorpio? Here is a list of Scorpio gemstones.

Scorpio Birthstones

  • Main: Aquamarine
  • Alternate: Beryl, Obsidian & Apache tear
  • Hindu: Hematite
  • Planetary: Garnet, Ruby & Jasper
  • Talismanic: Amethyst


Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for the month of October in the old Arabic, Hebrew, Polish and Roman calendar. The Scorpio birthstone is a specific type of beryl. If emerald is green, this birthstone for Scorpio is the blue or turquoise variety of beryl. The Scorpio stone is believed to bestow foresight to its wearer, and at the same relieve anxiety by stimulating youthful happiness.

A terrific crystal of aquamarine
Source: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0


Beryl is the name of group of minerals that include aquamarine. Besides being identified specifically as the astrological gemstone for Scorpio, beryl was the traditional birthstone for the month of October in the old Italian and Russian calendar. This Scorpio birthstone is a precious stone that occurs in all colors except green, with which the mineral is called emerald.

Beryl is believed to bring cheerfulness, which may be much needed by the often solemn and serious Scorpio-born person. This Scorpio gemstone is also said to enrich the love of marriage, which to the passionate Scorpio people is very important. Beryl in the color yellow, otherwise known as golden beryl, is representative of the Scorpio zodiac sign in that the Scorpio stone is believed to deepen sincerity. See also —


Obsidian is a volcanic glass produced by the rapid cooling of lava. This Scorpio birthstone occurs as shiny black stones that may appear grey when cut in a different angle. Like other black stones, the Scorpio gemstone is a grounding stone, believed to absorb excess energy, as well as all negative energy, helping to unburden the deeply emotional Scorpio. The variety of obsidian known as snowflake obsidian, so called due to its snowflake pattern, is specifically identified as birthstone for Scorpio in Hindu astrology. See also Obsidian: Stone of Grounding.

A translucent nodule of Apache tear
Source: Simon Eugster via Wikimedia Commons

Apache Tear

Apache tears are rounded nodules of obsidian separately identified as lucky stone for Scorpio by Western astrologers. Being a form of obsidian, this Scorpio stone is a shiny black, but occurring in separate rounded chunks. The Scorpio birthstone, like obsidian in general, is a grounding stone said to absorb negative energy, shield one’s aura, as well as protect its wearer from negative psychic vibration.


Garnet is a gemstone associated with Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, and is hence the planetary stone for Scorpio. This Scorpio birthstone occurs mostly in red. The Scorpio gemstone is believed to enhance healing and relieve depression.

A magnificent ruby specimen
Source: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0


Another planetary stone for Scorpio is ruby. This Scorpio birthstone is the red variety of corundum, whose others colors are called sapphire. The Scorpio stone is believed to enhance mental power, as well as boost courage.


Before Pluto was discovered and became the ruling planet of Scorpio, Mars was the ruling planet of the zodiac sign. Since jasper is the planetary stone of Mars, the semi-precious stone may also be birthstone for Scorpio. This Scorpio gemstone is also the birthstone for the month of October in the ancient Tibetan calendar. The Scorpio birthstone is a variety of chalcedony, and occurs in many colors, including red, yellow, green and black. Jasper is believed to stabilize the emotions and bring joy.


Amethyst is the talismanic stone for Scorpio. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewelry believed to grant their wearer magical powers. Scorpio talismans are engraved on amethyst, which is the violet variety of quartz. This Scorpio birthstone was traditionally worn to overcome addiction, as well as keep the person’s mood gentle and pleasant. See also Amethyst: Stone of Awareness.

Source: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0


Hematite is a Scorpio birthstone in Vedic astrology. An iron ore, this gemstone for Scorpio is steel grey to almost black in color. The Scorpio stone is a grounding stone like obsidian, but is moreover believed to enhance optimism and joyfulness, reducing stress and promoting vitality. See also Hematite: Stone of Charisma.

More Scorpio Birthstones

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